Sunday, October 6, 2013

Well, I cannot believe this month went so fast.  We spent the bulk of the month sitting at Clark’s court marina watching the US defend and once again capture the American’s Cup!!  How exciting each day was.  We started out with a large Kiwi supporting contingency with New Zealand flags waving etc.  A moderate US group there so there was lots of fun bantering back and forth.  Then when the US finally figured out how to sail upwind and tacking properly and started winning races, the Kiwi group got smaller and quieter.  Of course, we all got louder and bigger.  Each day we had at least 50 people in the small bar.  The last day when it was a dead heat, we must have had 70+ in there.  I have to tell you, Bob who owns the bar was the one who really won with the amount of beer consumed over the month.  Of course Harry did his fair share of contributing.

Harry at the bar, intently watching the race

Beside racing, we have continuously tried to beat off the heat and sweat with swimming. You can see how I try to relax after such a busy day of swimming.

 Harry was fighting a bad knee staph infection and after several weeks we finally got rid of that and I ended up with the same staph infection as a boil in the middle of my back.  I told the doctor it was because Harry kept kneeing me in the back.  She didn’t see the humor or get it.  Anyway, that kept me out of the water for 2 weeks.  Yuk.  We have played more than enough dominos and Farkle, although everyone down here loves it.  We get free movies at different nights and different marines so that is fun and we have barbecued on the beach more times than I can count.  We have done our fair share of boat projects, just like everyone else down here.  So the main topics of conversations are always about engines, refrigeration, heads and other assorted yachty topics.  Only on a boat would people sit around having cocktails and talk about their toilets!
Yesterday, we finally were able to meet up with Pat and Geoff, our friends from Canada.  They have arrived back to become cruisers once again after 9 months back home.  We were able to spend the whole day and evening with them and our close friends Cynthia and Mike on Minx.  It was old home week.  We had a great visit but now it is time to go.

Geogh on the end next to me and Pat on the other end.  Cynthia and Mike in the middle

We sailed overnight to Trinidad where we are doing MORE boat projects, put the boat on the hard (out of the water) and fly to Phoenix for Jenny’s wedding.  I am getting very excited to see my girls and have the wedding.  I even have my dress ready to go. 
After the wedding in Las Vegas we were car traveling with Pat and Buz (Harry’s sister and husband) through the National parks in Utah but with the gov shutdown, that probably will change our plans.  Then we fly out of Phoenix to Syracuse where they live.   We will visit with Harry’s Mom who is in assisted living and then take Amtrak to Philadelphia to visit my old nursing school buddies for a weekend.  Then a plane to Miami to pick up a rental car. (Planes, trains and automobiles) is the name of the game.  Once in Florida we will travel around the state visiting friends, relatives etc.  The SSCA GAM is Melbourne so we will end up there for 3 days of fun and then fly back to Trinidad.  If anyone really wants to find us, they will need a tracker device because we will be on the move.  No more blog posting until we return the end of Nov.  Wedding pictures then

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