Monday, August 26, 2013

Luckily, we were here for the Grenada Carnival.  It is a week of unforgettable events and activities.  No way could we go to all the events but we did attend 2 very big special ones.  The first was the competition of the steel bands on a Saturday night at the National Stadium.  Steel bands in the West Indies are called pan bands and the competition is the Panorama.  There were 9 bands competing from all over the island.  There are about 70 people in each band ranging from age 8-72.  Each band has over 100 drums in it.  They are quite spectacular and loud.  Loved the music and the band we wanted to win was last and they won.  This is something like their 9th year of winning.  See pictures

short video of 1 of the bands playing

Then we went to the very long 5 hour parade downtown.  The costumes are fantastic and the children are so cute.  See pictures below

He is suppose to be a lion fish and he has captured me

Amazing costumes
Men oiled up after the 

J'Ouvert: Blackened with stale molasses, tar, grease, creosote or mud, and wearing little more than their horned helmets, these masqueraders in previous times set out to terrify onlookers with their grotesque appearance and repulsive dances.  It has to do with freedom from slavery

The children were so good and so proud

Her face is actually there next to Harry

Hanging out in Grenada for hurricane season is like a party every day with a 1000 other cruisers.  We are so busy socializing there is no time to do boat projects.  Weather is hot but nice breeze so therefore, we have to noodle in the water every day for exercise.  Then people love playing games down here so we play a lot of Farkel, Mexican train dominos, and there is trivia night as well.  We do hiking, shopping, visiting, barbecuing on the beach and hanging out at the local Tiki bar in the harbor.  It’s such a hard life and hard decisions on whether we play dominos or watch a movie on one of their big screens at a restaurant.  Of course there is hamburger night at one marina while there is ½ price pizza at another marina.  So hard to decide!!   This past week we have been catching the Louis Vuitton races for the America’s cup at another restaurant.  It’s lots of fun with a bunch of sailors all sitting in the bar watching the races and making their comments.
We actually did two different raftups with our dinghies.  The first one was in the afternoon with a band playing on a huge raft.  There were 40 or 50 rafts.

Jam session on Sunday afternoons at Whisper Cove marina.  These are all cruisers who play instruments and just come to enjoy putting their music together.

Big raftup with a steel band playing off a raft
The Steel band.  They played great

Full moon raft up with 13 dinghies and lots of refreshments at night.  We floated around the harbor for 4 hours partying and making lots of noiese

John and Shirley, good friends of ours from South Africa
We were obviously having fun

Lela and John, good friends as well

Last week Harry and I decide to host an SSCA (Seven Seas Cruising Association) event.  We have been active commodores for years and I am on the board so we have been trying to be ambassadors for SSCA as we cruise through the Caribbean.  It’s a wonderful worldwide organization but needs more publicity.  So we publicized 4 days ahead of time that we would do this at the Tiki Bar.  We announced it each morning on the local Net (radio for all cruisers to hear what’s going on for the day).  Anyway, we didn’t know what to expect but 80 people showed up and took over the restaurant.  After everyone had lunch I did a 15 minute talk on what we are all about and then did some small group round tables about different destinations that people are headed for and need information.  This lasted most of the afternoon.  It turned out to be a big success so we may try it again in Trinidad.  We have found it is not hard to get cruisers to come if we arrange something.  They love to socialize.  I didn’t get really good pictures but here are a couple.
Yesterday, we did the hike of the year.  We joined the Granada HASH, which is a weekly planned, difficult hike through some part of Granada followed by a wild party with booze, food and music.  We had been planning to do one for ages but yesterday we nearly killed ourselves climbing up and down hills and valleys, forest, creeks, fields etc.  It was the second largest HASH out of 921 HASHES and one of the most difficult.  They didn’t tell us that part until we got back almost dead.  A few beers and some food finally revived us.  There was a large group of cruisers plus tons of college kids from ST. George University and then many locals.  There was somewhere around 400 + people and I was one of the very oldest so I am proud of the fact that I could even do it.  I wonder, if when all those people get to be my age they can do what I did yesterday.  I have to admit we came home, showered and collapsed.

This man runs on the HASH with the basketball on his head, amazing

The crowd of 400 before we took off

View from the first hilltop where we hiked,  many more hills to come

Us after the HASH with Gary (old friend from Bradenton).  They had thrown beer all over us

So the plans are to stay here until Oct 1 and then sail to Trinidad.  We are waiting for Pat and Geoff, good cruising buddies from Canada, to arrive the end of Sept so we can see them before we take off.
We will leave the boat on the hard (out of the water) for 6 weeks while we go back to the states for our daughter’s wedding and then for a big SSCA event in November.  That’s all for now.  Hope this finds everyone in good health and happy.


  1. Hi Harry & Melinda, what a ball you are having. Brings back memories of Trinidad Carnival for us in '99. Great that you had such a good crowd for your SSCA gathering. Our best, Joyce & Carl

  2. Hey Guy's great new blog and we love the pictures. We are looking forward to following in your footsteps (tracks??) D&L s/v Moosetracks