Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Our last blog

After almost 14 years of living on our boat and traveling to all the places we really wanted to go we have decided to swallow the hook and live on dirt.  It has been a wonderful and fulfilling chapter in our lives and quite frankly really brought us together as a team.  People have asked  us for years how do you do it 24-7 tied to the hip? No threats of divorce, killing each other or abandoning ship.  Except for a little bickering now and then we had a great time with many laughs, loving and comraderie. 
Looking in the rear view mirror, as cruisers we never knew when we would see each other again or whether we were seeing someone for the last time.  A few people we loved as we traveled or people back home have died but more often we are separated by the desire to see our next port and next adventure.  We each had our own course to chart and that course could take us anywhere in the world.  Each time we met and gathered with cruisers where we had dinner, loud games of farkel and dominos, snorkeling, barbecues’ or jam sessions were fortunate enough to meet new cruisers and make new friends.  Gathered together in our anchorages we were always waiting for the perfect weather window, doing boat repairs, hiking the islands, touring or just hanging out with the local people in the towns.  Knowing when we finally pulled anchor it could be the last time we saw “our new best friends”.  All these cruisers and local people from the islands and countries have touched our lives and hearts.
So now we will be in a whole new environment with lots of us old folks in an over 55 community with 250 activities.  As usual we will get involved and sucked into all kinds of social gatherings, we just won’t be on a boat.  We love our new house and are having a great time furnishing, since we are starting from scratch we can really decide what we want.  We had spent so many years inheriting furniture from our families but now we can pick our own.  We are spending money like it is going out of style but Craigslist has become my new best friend.  We have found every thrift shop, goodwill and consignment shop in Bradenton and Venice, Fl.  Piece by piece we are making a home out of an empty house.
Sea Schell will soon go on the hard and get a face lift and then go on the market for sale.  I happen to know a good boat broker.  HA HA.  We may eventually get a day sailor or a coastal cruiser but we don’t need our beautiful ocean going vessel for day sailing.  So if you know anyone who is looking for a big sailboat, tell them about us.
This will be my last blog as the real adventure is over but I do want to hear from you all and know what is going on in your life so email, call or come see us when you want to get away.  We are 10 minutes from the beaches, we have a lovely downtown and lots of activities.  Our new address is 416 Andros Ave, Venice, Florida 34285

Stay in good health and enjoy your life.  Melinda
Not the best picture but this is our  manufactured home. the price is right and we have trees, 3 porches and 1300 sq feet. After living on a boat, it seems like a palace.

We have a big backyard with trees as well.  

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